Bold and inspiring profiles of the pioneers, champions and future heroines of women’s soccer around the world. 
Women’s soccer has come a long way. From its origins as a matchmaking custom in the Scottish Highlands, through country-wide bans, cast-off men’s uniforms and practices in parking lots, to a global sport attracting hundreds of millions of viewers.  

This is the story of the game told through the stories of the players themselves, the world-famous, like Mia Hamm, Abby Wambach and Brazil’s Marta, as well as the long-forgotten, unsung talents and rising stars. These women are not just first-rate athletes but also LGBTQ+ activists, staunch opponents of racial discrimination and equal pay campaigners who are helping shape the political landscape beyond their sport. 
Based on original interviews with dozens of current and former players and coaches, this book celebrates these remarkable women and their achievements against all odds.  


"Where we are now with women’s soccer is because of all those who’ve come before. And my goodness what stories they can tell."—Rebecca Lowe, NBC Sports Anchor 

 "An excellent, thoughtful read about a topic that has had scandalously little coverage. Women’s soccer needs its own heroes and legends. Gemma Clarke is helping to create them. She put her heart into this book, and it shows." Simon Kuper, Financial Times columnist and author of Soccernomics

“Rich with historical detail and personal anecdotes that bring to life the characters, their love of the game, and the way the trailblazers overcame challenges to influence the most popular sport on earth.”—Amy Lawrence, football writer for The Guardian and Observer 

 "A comprehensive re-telling of soccer through the words and experiences of the women themselves. You'll find yourself cheering them on, fist-pumping their achievements, and standing in awe of what they’ve done."—Jessica Luther, award-winning journalist, co-host of the feminist sports podcast Burn It All Down, and author of Unsportsmanlike Conduct: College Football and the Politics of Rape

 “An inspirational read that will tell any young or aspiring player going through a difficult time that they can make it and they are not alone. ”—Suzanne Wrack, women’s soccer correspondent for The Guardian

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